Client Testimonials

"Charlie Therman was extremely attentive to my needs and was available at off-hours to assist me with paperwork and questions. I'm very thankful for his guidance and attention to detail. I highly recommend Charlie Therman to anyone that's in need of a Personal Injury Attorney."
"Got myself in some unfortunate trouble and a district attorney friend immediately recommended Steven Roach. Truly a professional. Never worked with a lawyer as well organized, prepared, friendly and confident as Mr. Roach. Hope to never get into any more run-ins with the law, but if so I have my lawyer for life." - Kevin
"Charles did an amazing job with my case. He has morals and integrity that make him an even better attorney. He cares about his clients and goes that extra mile!!!" - Amie
"Steven was wonderful. Very attentive, very smart, thought outside the box to catch the accuser in several lies in front of the judge. We are so thankful to Steven for his help!"
"Charlie and his Team did a great job representing my daughter in a personal injury case. He provided the information and guidance when our family needed it the most. Great job." - Eleni
"Steven was great! He didn't try taking my money like other people I talked to. He was helpful and explained everything. I never had to use him in my case but in the future he will be my first contact if I do need someone." - Matt
"Through the assistance of Mr. Steven Roach I was provided an extension of opportunity. For many years I had been limited, and unfairly excluded from certain employment opportunities. Even though I was accomplished, I had a record from over 20 years ago. Mr. Roach proved to be an excellent counsel during my pursuit to correct mistakes from years past. He answered every email and returned my phone calls. He proved to be a concerned and dedicated asset in my behalf. Thank you Mr. Roach for believing in me!"
"Charles was a great lawyer during the year and a half he represented me. He was very accommodating to my special circumstances and kept me well informed with updates as they came in. He is very passionate about his work and always operates in the best interest of his client. I would definitely work with him again, and recommend him to others." - Meghan
"I could tell Steve was a high class lawyer from our first conversation. We were choosing between several attorneys and I purposely brought my wife with me to the meetings to get her opinion. Out of a few lawyers, Roach was the only one that both of us liked. He was flexible with time, met us when I called him last minute, and was straight up and honest (unlike others who were putting on theatrics, giving a sales pitch, or wanted commitment before first meeting). ...Bottom line, if I had to recommend a criminal lawyer to someone - it would be Steve Roach!"
"Was in an accident in 2013, was injured and so was my wife. Didn't know what to do or who to call. I was referred to Charles Thurman and from the first visit I knew he was looking to take care of our needs. Everything he told me to expect happened. ...I was kept informed the whole time. I am glad that we chose Charles Thurman and are happy with our results." - Daniel
"Steve did an amazing job for me. He had reasonable rates, and flexible time. He took the time to prepare me for court so I had no doubts that I would get my license back. I will recommend Steve and his associates to anyone in need of a lawyer."
"My lawsuit went smoothly and perfect, Charles did an amazing job. He was very upfront with me from the beginning. I knew exactly how my case was going to go every step of the way. It was fast and easy. I have referred him to several other friends of mine." - Shawna
"There is no doubt in my mind, Steve is the best lawyer you can have on your side to defend you! I had a DUI charge against me last year. Its a very stressful time, but meeting with Steve for the first time to review my case, he sat and explained all of what could happen, and how he was going to defend me after going thru the evidence and my side of the incident. I felt 100% confident after listening to him, because of his vast knowledge of the laws and procedures that were involved. He took the time to answer any questions I had,and gave me all the time I needed. He prepared me before every court appearance to exactly what to expect so I wouldn't be nervous or stressed. He always returned my calls as quickly as he could. I was able to get my license back because of his experience and comprehension of the laws and my rights. The day of the trial, we compared notes and had all the facts together for a strong defense. Steve"s litigation and intelligent questions brought up many discrepancies in prosecutions testimonies. We won my case and I was cleared! Steve did an amazing job. I can say without a doubt, Steve is the best lawyer you will find to defend and help you for your legal matters." - Chris
"Charlie informed me of all of my rights when I was injured in a car accident near my home. I was very pleased with the settlement and appreciate all that he did for me and my family. He was recommended to me and I would recommend him to you." - Dino
"My driver's license was suspended for 15 years! It was quite a burden. I bounced around through dozens of lawyers through the years, and they all told me the same thing. "You have no shot of getting your license back, or a hardship license before your suspension ends." Which was always at least two years out of reach. To just stop driving, was not a choice because I have a career that requires me to drive to and during work. Once I was referred to Steven Roach, he took the time to do his homework and review my extensive record, and amazingly came up with a plan to get my D.L. back before my next court date. Not only did the case get dismissed, but I HAVE MY DRIVER'S LICENSE BACK! He did something that no other attorney took the time to do. It changed my life..." - Wes
"Attorney Charles not only settled my case quickly, he explained all the details of the case for me and taught me that I had very specific rights while on the job. I didn't know that I should not have to work when I was hurt on the job due to negligence."
"Steve did an excellent job defending me against a DUI charge. I was personally a stressed out wreck, but he kept me at ease and patiently answered all of my questions. His thorough understanding of the law, the system, and the politics are what got us through a really tough case. The day of my trial, his litigation skills impressed the hell out of me. I really could not have hoped for a better outcome in my case. Steve is absolutely the best and I recommend him 100%."
"If you are in need for any type of criminal or traffic attorney, Steve Roach is your guy! I contacted Steve in order to settle some traffic violations that had resulted in warrants and he handled the matter quickly and professionally. He was extremely knowledgeable, answered all of my questions, put me at ease and gave me results that I could not have dreamed of. Everything went much better than I expected and I have Steve to thank for everything. I have already recommended him to family and friends and will continue to do so."
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