Case Results

Case Results

People v. M.W. - DUI Case (2010)

The client blew a .194. Attorney Steven Roach went to hearing on the Suspension. During cross examination, officers contradicted each other and failed to follow all of the rules to properly operate the Breath Machine. As a result, the breath test was determined to be inadmissible and the Driver's License Suspension was Dismissed.

People v. L.R. - Drug Charges Case (2010)

L.R. was charged with a Class X Possession of Heroin with Intent to Deliver. He faced from 6-30 Years. Attorney Steven Roach litigated a Motion to Quash the Arrest and Suppress All Evidence, in an effort for the Court to Rule that it was an illegal search. After a careful cross examination of the police office, Mr. Roach was able to impeach his testimony and show the court he could not be believed. The Court agreed with me and Ordered that any and all evidence obtained was a violation of my client's Constitutional Rights and is therefore Suppressed. Thus, the State had no evidence and were forced to Nolle (Dismiss) All Charges against the client. Class X Felony Dismissed! Not Guilty!

People v. S.Z. - Probation Violation Case (2009)

The client was on probation for Unlawful Use of Weapon by Felon. He faced a substantial amount of time in prison if found guilty. He was subsequently arrested and charged with Domestic Violence, which violated his probation. The State elected on the violation of probation and we went to hearing. Attorney Steven Roach cross examined the complaining witness and brought forth that she was highly intoxicated, ripped the clients shirt off and prevented him from leaving by blocking the door. The judge found her testimony incredible and dismissed the Violation of Probation. Victory.

People v. J.R. - DUI Case (2008)

Mr. J.R. was charged with driving under the influence (DUI) and blew a .18 BAC. After a careful cross examination of the police officer, Attorney Steven Roach exposed inconsistencies in his testimony as to how the events actually occurred. By showing the Court that the Officer was not telling the truth regarding important aspects of the case, doubt was cast upon the entire arrest. At the conclusion of trial, the client was found Not Guilty.

People v. E.C. - Unlawful Restraint Case (2008)

Mr. E.C. was charged with two counts of Felony Unlawful Restraint. In order to win this case, Attorney Steven Roach knew he would have to expose the alleged victim to be a liar. His theory was that she made these accusations against his client because they were involved in a relationship that was about to get exposed to the live-in father of her child. Mr. Roach pulled a number of phone records detailing hundreds of calls that were exchanged between my client and this alleged victim. An aggressive cross examination of her showed that there was a motive to lie about the events. The Judge agreed with Mr. Roach's theory and E.C. was found Not Guilty.

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